November 8th 2007, Leeds Bradford Airport

Initial presentation was held at the Benton Park School, Leeds, where Nigel Bradbury introduced the constellations and Paul Money explained the origin of the aurora and revealed the forecast conditions were low to average with a hint of mild optimism that a passing coronal hole on the Sun may enhance matters.

The optimism was well placed with a reasonably bright display being seen. The auroral arc was well defined and many bright patches and breaks were seen. Vertical structures were also faintly evident. Long exposure photographs revealed a red layer above the main green arc indicative of a low energy display. A number of photographs were taken by the third astronomer on board (Pete Lawrence) and these are shown below.

The stars and constellations were as dramatic as ever with mighty Orion striding majestically across the winter night sky. On the opposite of the horizon, the Northern Cross asterism, part of Cygnus the Swan, dramatically marked the location of a bright Milky Way heading down towards the north western horizon. Throughout the flight a number of meteors were seen, some associated with the Taurid meteor shower which is active at this time of the year.