November 11th 2007, Norwich International Airport

The November 11th Northern Lights Flight started with Paul Money and Pete Lawrence presenting two talks in the Lancaster Suite of the Norwich Holiday Inn (North) adjacent to the main airport. Paul's talk explained what could be seen in the night sky in terms of the stars and constellations while Pete's talk concentrated on the aurora, its origin, what it looks like and what the prognosis for the evening was in terms of forecast activity.

Activity predictions had been low for many of the previous flights but not one to be bounded by prediction, the aurora had with moderate displays. As a consequence, Pete's prediction was of a 50:50 likelyhood of a display with no guarantees. In the event, although there was an auroral glow viisble no serious brightening was observed during the flight. Fickle that it is, apparently there was a brighter display visible later in the night.

Despite the weakness of the aurora, Paul and Pete were able to guide passengers around the wonderfully clear night sky visible at 36,000ft and show them highlights such as Mars, Uranus, Comet 17P/Holmes, the Milky Way and many more fascinations of the night sky.

Our total flight time on this occasion was in excess of 4h15m which gave everyone plenty of opportunity to enjoy the experience.

The red colouration visible in the aurora images shown below was not visible with the naked eye.